Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pottermore :: Interactive Book Experience!

So the time has come and J.K. Rowling finally made her much-anticipated announcement early this morning. As the week progressed, I moved more and more away from the idea that it would be a book especially as I read more online. (Even though, deep down I was still crossing my fingers for a book!) I started to think it would be an online Multiplayer Online Role-playing Experience. Hence, the M O R E.

Turns out, it will be an interactive book experience! You can be a part of the story and my understanding is that you'll be able to shape the story. Release date in October with some early beta testers being invited before then. On a side note, didn't the video of the paper animation look amazing?!

Intriguing! I wonder what it'll be like. It makes me hopeful that there will be something Harry Potter-related that I can look forward to because I've already been mourning the fact that it's the last movie being released in the next month.

What are your thoughts on Pottermore?

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