Friday, October 31, 2014

Five on Friday :: October 31, 2014

Trying out a new meme this week. These memes do seem to get me blogging more than I would otherwise though! So here goes...

1) Loved this quote I found via Penguin Books. I love reading children's books and it's so true!

2) A few months ago, Amazon released that apparently San Diego is the most well-read major city in America according to their data on sales on all books, magazines, newspapers (in both print and e-format). Not sure how accurate this data is, but I'll take the title. Either that or we're spending way too much money on Amazon. #guiltyascharged

3) Watching the show, Sherlock, has led to a little (read: big) crush on Benedict Cumberbatch. British accent? Check! Intelligent? Check! Plays sexy, smart, and charming book characters?! CHECK!!!! (Apparently, I've missed him in many other movies thought (like The Other Boleyn Girl). Time for a re-watch!)

4) I like to think that I gave my girls some really sweet vintage girl names with Lily and Audrey. However, I don't think I could get behind any of these 14 vintage girl names waiting to be rediscovered. Odessa? Winifred? Maybe, Polly... but Delphine? Nope.

5) People often ask if Adam and I want to have another kid. Reading this article really has my questioning whether another child is really in our destiny or not. Here's 22 ways that having three kids is different from having 2. We'll see what God has planned. :)

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