Monday, April 18, 2011

Bookshelf Monday :: 1

Here is a feature where I post lovely bookshelves that I've come across on the Internet. I am OBSESSED with bookshelves and one of the main reasons I want to move out of our apt and into a bigger home is so that I can have more space for my books. We are slowly running out of room in our little abode right now.

Today's photo has books arranged by color. Every since I've seen this image a few years ago, I've wanted to try to arrange my books that way. My only problem is our bookshelves are in all different rooms in our apartment and it wouldn't work for us. So right now, there is no order to how my books are organized. They are roughly organized by hardcover vs. paperback, my books vs. my husband's vs. my daughter's... but that's about it.

One day... one day...

image courtesy of: chotda


  1. Oh! I love this so much! I might have to move in with you guys if you have a rainbow book wall! :)

  2. You know, a rainbow book wall would really go well with all the colors of walls in your home too!

    I wish you guys lived closer! I always do. :)

  3. I would so LOVE LOVE LOVE a room full of bookcases & books! Alas, my humble abode has no room for such luxuries... :(


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