Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Workspace Wednesday :: 15 :: Passion Planner

More thoughts on the Passion Planner this week:

I think the best thing about the Passion Planner is that it's got me thinking about some of my goals and dreams. There are things that you'll catch me saying, "Oh, I'll do that in my next life," or "If I were to do it again, I would be a ______." I'm often reminded that I still have plenty of time in this current life to do those things. 

For example, for a large part of my life, I've daydreamed about being a children's book illustrator. Who knows, maybe if I put some things into action, it won't just be a dream. I think this is the reason why I wanted to try the Passion Planner out: to work on things that I am passionate about. Set some goals and work towards them. Things that seem impossible to me don't have to be if I make small steps in the right direction, right? 

So here's to working on making the impossible, possible. The only thing stopping me is me and my insecurities. Plus, I won't know unless I try. Can't fail if I don't try. 

Got a little creative with my planner this week. Trying out different pens to see what bleeds and what doesn't. The ZIG markers seem to hold up well and not seep through the paper. Also, incorporating some of my (zillion) Project Life cards from the Honey edition.

In other news, I am ready for the sun to be out longer. Natural light is hard to get when the sun sets so early. #spoiledSoCalGirl ;) 

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  1. Love this!!! What size is yours? Full or compact?

    1. Sorry for the late response. It's compact. :)


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