Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Workspace Wednesday :: 16

I've been in a "pen" mood... 

I am really enjoying my new Passion Planner so far, but it has also got me on a "pen" kick lately. I've been on a quest to find pens that are inky, but doesn't bleed through the paper. I've also been eyeing brush pens for awhile now too. I don't really need more pens, but maybe I do... :)

So far, I've found that Le Pens and Zig Markers do NOT bleed through the paper in a Passion Planner. 

I had the chance to visit my favorite scrapbook store in San Diego, Paper Tales, over President's Day weekend and I basically bought one of each kind of Zig marker I could find. A calligraphy one, a brown "writer" one (because I only have 1 other brown marker), a grey brushable, and three Clean Color brush pens. 

Initial thoughts:
  • I thought I would like the calligraphy one more, but the nib is pretty hard so you really have to press to get it inky and dark on the page. 
  • The brushable is nice for chunky writing and doesn't seem to pick up the colors around it as much as I thought it would. (This is a good thing for me because I don't want it to blend with my black outlines.) 
  • The brush pens are really nice. They actually write like and act like a brush. You can go very fine or thick. I need a little practice with them, but I think I might like these for calligraphy writing. 
I'm not sure if the brush pens are meant to be more for COLORING because it seems a little tricky to WRITE with them, but maybe i just need practice. 

Anyone else eyeing the new brush pens from Tombow? It seems to be all over IG lately since CHA. 

Lastly, I also purchased a few Memento inks for my planner stamps. More things to be obsessed about! Agh! :)

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