Friday, May 27, 2011

Armchair BEA 2011 :: Interview with Anaiz from Lady and the Books

One of the great features of participating in Armchair BEA this year is networking with other book bloggers. Our assignment was to interview another book blogger and thus get to know each other better.

Today for Armchair BEA, I am introducing:
Anaiz from Lady and the Books

Jasmine: I noticed on your blogger profile that you are a college student. What are you currently studying in college and what do you plan on doing after you graduate?
Anaiz: I am currently majoring in English (the journey getting to that major is a whole story in itself). I'm not quite sure what I will do when I graduate, that's just a bridge I'll cross when I get there!
What made you decide to write a book blog?

Unlike some other bloggers I don't have many RLFs (one actually) that I can discuss books with. I reviewed a book once in a while on my personal blog and I enjoyed the feedback so much I decided to do it full time.

If you were on a deserted island and could only take 3 books with you, what would they be and why?
Difficult question! I would probably take a dictionary because that's one book I'll probably never finish ;) and I would take Nevermore by Kelly Creagh because I could seriously read that book over and over again and still find it entertaining and last but not least I would take Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire for the same reason as Nevermore. Gotta love Harry Potter!

Do you have any tips or pieces of advice for a newbie book blogger like myself?
I would advise any blogger (new or veteran) to not lose themselves. Your opinions are unique and you should never be swayed or "encouraged" to write something you don't truly think. I've seen blogs that *love* every single book they receive for free and I just don't believe it. I like seeing what a reviewer likes AND doesn't like.

I noticed that you enjoy listening to Jason Mraz on Pandora. (I LOVE both!) What else do you usually listen to while you read? Where would your favorite spot to read be?
I love listening to the solo piano station on Pandora while I read or do homework. It's so relaxing. My favorite spot to read is sitting sideways on the love seat in our second living room, I never feel uncomfortable even after a few hours.... or half a day!

What are some of your other hobbies and interests other than reading?

I love love love photography! I'm a newbie at it but it's so much fun snapping shots of the beautiful outdoors. I can spend the entire day outside and still want to go back out the next day for more pictures.

Bookstore or library? Or both?
Bookstore for me. I've never been a library type person, I've visited my local library only a few times and I like owning my personal copies of books.

And just for fun... what is something that your readers don't know about you, but would find interesting?

I'm a vegetarian descended from a Spanish captain who came to conquer Mexico and am training to run a marathon :)


Thank you so much for sharing, Anaiz! Would love to hear the story of
how you became an English major someday. I would totally take Harry Potter with me as well. It'd be hard to pick just one book out of the series though! Looks like I also need to check out Nevermore and add it to my TBR list... and add that solo piano station on my Pandora as well. That really does sound so soothing and relaxing to have as background music. I always sit sideways in my special chair too. Isn't it just cozier that way? I'm a wedding and portrait photographer myself and I started out just like you - wanting to take pretty pictures. I encourage you to take lots of them because you'll learn so quickly from playing around with different settings. I'm a bookstore gal myself. My hubby is as all about the library, but somehow our marriage seems to work. ;) And boy, a Spanish captain?! Wow! Thanks for sharing your tips for a newbie blogger like myself.
It's been a pleasure having Anaiz from Lady and the Books drop by. I'm excited to have her as a new blog buddy! Please be sure to drop by and leave some love on her blog as well. You can also follow her on twitter at nizmart.

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