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#SOL15 Day 15 :: March 15, 2015 :: The One with Mornings with Mommy

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Mornings with Mommy

I am not a morning person. 

I am not even good at faking it, being a morning person.

I am grouchy. Pouty. Whiny. It's not pretty. 

I am a night owl, through and through. I get tired around 4-7pm, but I often find myself getting a second wind around 9pm. When I didn't have kids, I'd happily get my own stuff done in the quiet hours of the night. 

But now I have two kids. Two kids that always wake up early. One is a natural early-bird, who wakes up BEFORE the sun rises. She's always been that way. It's definitely how she's wired. The little one doesn't always wake up super early, but I think she's been trained to because of her sister. 

On a good weekend, my husband and I usually take turns on who gets to sleep in. Just like I LOVE being a night owl, I LOVE sleeping in. I think my natural biorhythms is actually to wake up around 8-9am. I secretly look forward to my morning of sleeping in all week long. 

When it's my turn to wake up, I try to make a point to not just turn on the TV or hand over the iPads to the girls. NOTE: I am definitely not perfect and it is often easier to flip a switch and turn the TV on to PBS or Disney Junior. Technology can be an easy babysitter. Sometimes, too easy. 

This past Saturday, I got some quiet time with my youngest, Audrey. I made a point to not turn on the TV and my oldest actually slept in for once. I think the week had caught up to her too. 

Audrey and I sat and read many books. We cuddled up and spent about an hour together alone. We stacked the blocks and played with the puzzles. On other days, I will craft and she will color in her coloring books. It was perfect "Mommy and me" time. 

There's something peaceful about being with just one of your kids alone. For whatever reason, they are just calmer and not focused on competing with the other for attention or something. It's definitely a different energy. 

So, even though I am not a morning person, I have to admit that I do enjoy my mornings with my babies. 


  1. The alone time is so wonderful. I applaud your trading turns to sleep in.

  2. Quite a view into your Mommy's heart! You know yourself and your preferences but trade it all for time with your girls. Sweet!

  3. Aww cute baby. (I just wanted to let you know I unsubbed from email because my Inbox is crazy! but I will still be here reading your updates. Because I need cute baby pics everyday, haha :)


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