Monday, March 9, 2015

#SOL15 Day 9 :: March 9, 2015 :: The One with Daylight Savings Time

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Sleepy baby that does not want to wake up. 

Dear Daylight Savings Time,

I really, really despise you. Whoever came up with DST must not have had kids, especially young ones. Little ones who don't really do well with drastic time changes in their bedtimes and mornings. Who don't want to wake up because it's so dark outside and you feel so awful waking them up, especially since simply getting them to sleep is a big ordeal each night. Falling back, a few years ago, made my 2-year old early-bird go from waking up at 4-5am, to 3-4am. For MONTHS. Springing forward means that my kids really, REALLY don't want to wake up in the mornings, which also leads to more meltdowns. Because as you know, getting out of the house each day on time, fully dressed, well-fed, with all of our stuff isn't hard enough as it is. 

I would actually be very happy if you chose not to come around twice a year to pretty much mess us all up for a week. Everyone and everything is out of sync and it's kind of challenging to find a rhythm again. 

I've read several articles about how we really don't need DST anymore. I think I would have to agree.

Or maybe I need to move to Arizona (which apparently seems to be doing find without DST.) 

Not a farmer, not a morning person, and not even good at pretending to be a morning person.


  1. It does not get any better with age with age. PS I hated it just as much when I was doing farm work.

  2. Yes! Exactly. This daylight savings thing is ridiculous and needs to end. Sleep well.


  3. It is the worst! My teenagers suffered as well-so it doesn't get better!

  4. My husband, after complaining that people need to get it together, it's only an hour, folks! was totally late to work yesterday because he overslept. Hahahaha. I have been on time each day (had to work Sunday and was 5 minutes late due to coffee-getting time) but had to have a nap on Monday which I rarely do.


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