Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#SOL15 Day 24 :: March 24, 2015 :: The One with 100 Club

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100 Club

I've been a little MIA from SOL from a few days. I started Spring Break and just kind of fell of the face of the Earth. It's been a good thing because I've been able to have some quality family time and even though it kind of bothers me that I can't say that I wrote for EVERY single day of March, I think I needed to unplug completely and now I feel ready to finish the rest of the month.

I am not an athletic person. 

I do have the inner drive to always be active. I am happy and content to sit still, read my book, and not move for hours at a time if I don't need to. My husband, on the other hand, gets stir crazy if he doesn't go for a run after a few days. Then again, he runs for fun and I have convinced myself that I am simply not built to run. It's just a fact.

When Pure Barre opened in my neighborhood, I was curious about it because I've always enjoyed yoga and Pilates. In addition, for years, I have lusted after having a dancer's body. Long, lean, and beautiful without being bulky. However, I am also not rhythmically-inclined either. I am too self-conscious to let loose and be okay with my uncoordinated dance moves. So, when I signed up for PB, I know I surprised my husband, but I definitely surprised myself.

After the first class, I wanted to quit. I felt like it was so hard and I was discouraged because I knew I wasn't going to be good at it, but I was SO bad at it. Thankfully, with the encouragement of my husband, I kept at it and started getting better and better at it.

Having two young kids, it is so hard to carve out time to go work out. I have to coordinate with my husband's schedule, my schedule, and it can definitely be a challenge to find a few hours, several times a week for myself. 

The final 10 classes to 100 was a hard one. I tore a muscle and it still hasn't healed even though it's been over a month now. My kids have gone through three rounds of being sick every couple of weeks. My husband and I have both been sick ourselves. So it seems like it's been a conspiracy against me getting to 100 the past few months. 

But finally, this Saturday, I finished my 100 class. 

I did it.

I really did it. 

I knew I could do it, but I wasn't sure if I would follow-through long enough to make it to 100. I am so proud of myself and even that it hard to say sometimes. I often talk myself out of my accomplishments. Comparison is the death of me, sometimes. But, I did it. And even though it wasn't on the timeline I had originally wanted, it doesn't take away from the fact that I did it. 

Here's to 250. 


  1. Congratulations on sticking with it! And congratulations for coming back to SOLC! You can always finish the challenge by posting on Tuesdays in April for the number of days you missed - if you want a number... but nevertheless, you are still finishing as a champ!

  2. Congratulations on finishing 100 classes - that's a big achievement! Pure Barre sounds awesome and grueling at the same time!

  3. Your hard work is what counts!! You inspire me!

  4. Your hard work is what counts!! You inspire me!

  5. There's nothing wrong with unplugging. Join us any Tuesday, year-round, for our Slice of Life Tuesdays whenever your schedule permits. :)


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