Monday, March 16, 2015

#SOL15 Day 16 :: March 16, 2015 :: The One with Prayers

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Our faith in God is one of the cornerstones of our family. Raising our children to know and love God is something we strive to do as parents. 

One of the things that we've been doing since they were babies is praying with them on a regular basis.

We just started a few months ago to do a nightly Bible study/prayer time before bed on a regular basis together. Each person gets to pray and it's been so sweet to hear their prayers. So young, pure, but sincere. 

Audrey's prayer
(my younger daughter)

Hai. (Hello)
Geez-sus (Jesus)
Tay-too (Thank you)
MMmmennn. (Amen)

Lily's prayer
(my older daughter)

Dear Lord,
Thank you for this great day.
Thank you for seatwork and that we have no school on Saturday and Sunday.
Thank you for Audrey.
Thank you for breakfasts, lunch, and dinner... and for dessert, if we finish our dinner.
Thank you for Mommy and Daddy.
Thank you for this beautiful day.
In Jesus' name

Thank you for our beautiful girls, Lord. We praise you for blessing us with them. 


  1. So beautiful and sweet. I literally started prayers with my two year old tonight. My husband is not a religious man, but I want it to be a part of her life. We talked about it for a long time before bed and when we prayed she thanked God for Elsa and Anna from Frozen among other things.

    It will be wonderful to watch our children grow in their relationships with God.

  2. Two of the cutest kiddos I know! :)

  3. Wow that's wonderful! :D
    In the mornings when Paisley and I have breakfast I'll pray for us and afterwords she'll say 'amen.' It really warms my heart!
    I look forward to being very active in helping Paisley grow in her faith. While I went to a Christian school growing up, there wasn't much growth or application at home, and I think that would have made such a big difference! God bless you guys! :D


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