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#SOL15 Day 19 :: March 19, 2015 :: The One with Color Wheels

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Color Wheels

"This is so much fun!"

"Mrs. Ko, you should be an art teacher. You're so good at art."

"Look at my colors! I really like my red-violet color."

We are finally winding down from the quarter and we are now officially just one day away from Spring Break. The weeks leading up to break always feel like three times longer and I am just happy that the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to shine brightly now.

We decided to do some artwork with our kids, using what we learned from the art training over the weekend, to wrap up our almost year-long read-aloud on the book Wonder

Just like many teachers, art is definitely become something that we do less and less of in the classroom. Unfortunately, with so many things to do, it's pretty much nonexistent in our day to day schedule. Whenever, I get the chance to do art with my students, I am always pleasantly reminded of how much they just LOVE it. They are so quiet and alert. (I wish they were like that for all of my lessons!) 

I mentioned to them that we would be doing an art activity in the morning and they tried so hard to be super well-behaved throughout the morning, so that we could hurry up and finish our "must-do's" to get to our FUN! I had so many kids stay in from recess to help set up materials and clean up after-school. I felt a little bad that we haven't given our students many of these opportunities to just sit back and enjoy art. I

We mixed colors today and tomorrow, we will be working on our self-portraits. I can't wait to see how they turn out. 

It was so much fun to let loose and have FUN with my kids today. 

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